It was chaotic getting out of the hospital and it was a quiet ride home, but it is SO good to be home. Kai is already doing better! He’s even smiled. 🙂 He has eaten a bit and really hasn’t stopped talking. He’s the only one thinking straight as far as I’m concerned. He had to tell us 532252caab28b9e263b132e6where to find his James train (and tell is that it is #5). He also had to tell us where to find his Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb book (thanks Rajiv!). Truly a remarkable kid.

I love this kid. His little bit of energy now is so encouraging. I love his mom. She has a ton of strength that she gets from God, friends, and family…her strength is something that I will forever draw from.


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  1. Aki – Ada Rose loves Hands, Hands, Finger, Thumbs! Drumming on fingers, drumming on drums…I am thankful for each precious “joyment” you have with Kai and his sweet baby sister too . . . so glad you and Shawn are sharing these moments with us so we can reflect them back to you as you walk this journey…

  2. Praise God for these simple joyful moments that he is giving you with Kai right now. What a blessing to be home together. What an encouragement to see how many people are praying for Kai and all of you. What a precious boy he is!

  3. Thank you Lord for your blue sock moments! This brings me so much joy. He is right where he should be – at home playing with his toys!!! I know that the Lord is breathing in a breath of fresh air! Go Kai Go!!!

  4. Sending love and peace to you as you enjoy these days at home! May you continue to be wrapped in His arms!

  5. Thank you for honoring us by sharing these beautiful moments. Sending hugs and love

  6. What a precious gift….for the three of you to be home together! God is SO good…right in the midst of our struggles and storms, He is there. Many prayers are going up for you! So thankful for all God has already done and believing Him for the completion of the miracle!!

  7. Hello Aki and Shawn,

    It is Sara, Kai’s old teacher from Goddard. I found out about Kai’s condition a few days ago. I just wanted to tell you that Kai is in my thoughts and prayers. Kai is an amazing little boy full of determination. I know with your love and God’s love he will be okay no matter what. Tonight when I pray I will ask God for strength, healing, and comfort for you family. God bless ~

  8. What great news. Thanks so much for letting us know. You make sure a good team and inspire us all. Please know we are here for anything you need. All out love.

  9. Keeping Kai in my prayers. As well as Aki and Shawn I pray that God gives you all strength. God know what an amazing boy Kai is. Sending hugs and prayers your way.

  10. Oh what a darling! They know what’s important! Just had to tell you I appreciate fully just how cute that is…telling you where James is and how he is number 5. How do they remember all of those guys and which number they are? It’s astonishing! Prayers continuing to be lifted from myself and my family. Healing for that precious child! May the Lord’s will be done in your lives and may He grant you all His peace, encouragement, His presence, calming, and wisdom during this time of need. I pray for healing and comfort for Kai. Love to you all, from Caroline’s friend, Ris

  11. There’s nothing like being home. Lots of prayers from the Scoville Family.
    (My son knows Kai from the Lego Ninjago toys, who has the ninja power of fire, so he’s pretty confident Kai can overcome anything.)

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