Kai returned from surgery yesterday and was very peaceful. He was tossing and turning and pulling his blankets over his head just like he does at home (he’s notorious for putting his stuffed cat, named Cat, over his face so when I look at the monitor I just see these two beady stuffed cat eyes). As the day went on we noticed that he was still having some swelling so they took him back to have a CT scan to determine if the shunt was working as it should. The CT scan revealed that the shunt is working as it should, however he is still having trouble with his respiration rate and heart rate and hadn’t woken up from surgery. These are signs that it is the cancer causing him the swelling and issues in his brain.

We will be meeting with the neurosurgeons and the oncologists this morning to discuss more about possible next steps. But for now, we are thanking God for being so merciful and providing Kai with such peace and pain-free rest which he hasn’t had in so very long. He has been resting so peacefully and we are able to hold him and sit with him and last night I squeezed myself into his bed and got to sleep next to him and we had a peaceful night all together.

This morning he’s moving around a bit and opening his eyes from time to time and swatting at the nurses and doctors when they mess with him and so we’re just focusing on spending the day with our sweet baby Kai and plan to read stories and sing songs and help him think of all of his favorite things.

We love our little Kai monkey so much and our hearts are bursting and breaking at the same time with this love, and we just keep praying for comfort, peace, and healing and are so grateful for our time with the little guy who has incredible fashion sense (see below fashion ensemble of swaddle blanket wrap, diaper and dinosaur bib). And currently he’s refusing to keep his hospital shirt/gown on, I think he wants us to check out his muscles.

kai fashion 2013

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  1. Praying for a Miracle and Believing in a Miracle for your sweet little monkey. Your Faith is so strong…our hearts are breaking – our tears flowing – all while rejoicing that Kai has such wonderfully strong parents as you and Shawn – that you have such a strong family/friend/acquaintance/stranger support system – and that while undergoing such horrifically tragic circumstances you show love, joy, happiness and all that is good in life to dear Kai so that he may not be afraid. God Bless all of you.

  2. Sending you love and healing prayers. What an incredible child you have and how blessed is he to have such extraordinary parents.

  3. Praying that Kai continues to have peaceful, healing rest and that this day is beautiful for you all reading and singing his favorite songs.

  4. Aki and Shawn – keep being in the moment, squeeze him often, tell him you love him, and continue doing what you are doing – you are amazing parents.Thank you, as always for the updates. Kai is in our constant thoughts and prayers.

  5. Always happy to hear from you. Your family and Kai are constantly on my mind and heart as I am continually keeping your family in my prayers, asking specifically for miraculous healing for Kai. Rest is so important for healing, and I am hopeful that letting his body rest will result in improvement. May you feel a sense of peace as you go through the day letting our Lord carry you. Praying for LIFE, and HOPE in our Lord’s faithfulness. Also praying for the nurses and physicians as they are vital in his care. Love to your precious family from someone who does not know you, but cares for you, indeed. Hugs, hope, and love.

  6. Hey Aki and Shawn,

    I am so glad to hear you had a restful night and that Aki you got to sleep by him. I think that’s probably why he rested better:) Hope you guys have a peaceful day and thinking and continuously praying for baby Kai monkey….

  7. What a sweet little guy. So cute. Thanks for sharing that joy and those pictures! We love you all and are praying so very hard!

  8. Aki and Shawn – you are both amazing parents and people. I’m in awe of you both for your strength and positivity. I hope Kai has a good day today and that you get to enjoy a day of reading and singing together. You’re in our thoughts constantly. Sending love and huge hugs to you all.

  9. Thank you for the update. Keep cuddling that sweet monkey, and give an extra squeeze from us. Praying for strength for you today.

  10. Throughout these posts, it is obvious he is stubbornly fighting this. His spirit is strong when his body is not, this fuels hope. Even when life gets its’ darkest, you can always see a faint glimmer of light somewhere. We are thinking about you Kai! As for Shawn and Aki, you two are redefining what “fortitude” and “compassion” mean to me. I was running hard last night thinking about Kai and I started crying. Your family is in our thoughts and prayers often.

  11. It is great to hear your update. We are constantly thinking of Kai and are with you in spirit. We are praying for sweet little Kai to be without pain and for the best outcome possible for him. I wish you guys strength and bravery during such a difficult time. Please let us know if we can do anything for you all.

  12. Those muscles show how much strength he has, inner and outer. Thank you again for sharing your journey. I love insights into Kai, as well, stories about him which are really bringing into focus what a character full of life he truly is.
    With love,

  13. How precious! Keeping you close in thoughts and much prayer today. God is with you!

  14. Elizabeth and I have been praying for precious Kai. “He gathers the lambs in his arms and carries them close to his heart.” Praying Kai feels the Lord’s tender care for him.

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