Kai will be taken off to surgery in an hour or so. I’m amazed that such a little body can go through three neuro surgeries in less than two weeks. The surgeries themselves don’t seem to bother him all that much, either bc he is not aware they are happening or bc it is masked by the general discomfort that he is feeling.

Not really sure what to write but wanted to let you know that the surgery is soon. It’s supposedly relatively routine and nowhere near as major as the original tumor resection.

Last night was rough. Kai started having shallow breathing so he couldn’t have any pain meds. I couldn’t even bring myself to stand at his bedside. Aki stayed with him and sat in his bed all night – comforting him and reading comments that you all have left on this site. That’s beautiful.

For whatever reason Kai had been clinging onto a granola bar that Sheerin had given him last Sunday before coming to the ER. He has not let that thing go. He hadn’t eaten anything in 2 days, choosing to hold onto his food rather than eat it. Last night, out of the blue, we heard the wrapper start crinkling. He had started digging into his snack! Why he chose to hold on to that bar for so long and why he decided at that moment to finally take a bite I guess we can’t know. It seems like Kai, though – stubbornness to keep things ordered knowing that he fully intended to take advantage when the right time came. This simple act cracked me up and made me smile. Of course he wouldn’t let that bar go, he was going to eat it…eventually!

We are hoping and praying that this surgery will be able to alleviate the fluid build up in Kai’s head, better than the external drain anyway. No matter what, it’s a necessary step to getting back home and recovering there rather than in the hospital.

At home Kai can get back to teaching his little sister at an early age how to navigate the maze of videos on YouTube, identifying those few videos that he can watch on an endless loop. 🙂

We love you, Buddy!

kai and maya in the officekai and maya silly on the couch 2013

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  1. Prayers that surgery goes well and that he may be able to come home soon! May he find more comfort and peace after this procedure is completed.

  2. Praying in Pearland, TX for surgery #3…for little Kai and his brave parents and for the medical professionals who are so lovingly caring for Kai. BTW, how do we pronounce “Kai”? Like Kay or Kye? Just a little thing bc God SURELY knows who we’re praying for, and is holding that precious little one safely in the hollow of His Loving Hand!

  3. Shawn&Aki, know that you are ALL, always in our prayers, hearts and thoughts. Love you ALL, so very much. Praying for a Miracle.

  4. Happy to hear from your family this morning… Praying for a successful surgery, with no complications. I trust that God’s hand will be on your sweet boy throughout this day, & will pray for miraculous healing for your beautiful boy. Cling to your faith, & know we are helping you pray. High-fives to Kai as he moves forward to surgery, and hopefully on his way home!

    In Prayer, & trusting Him…

  5. May God guide the hands, minds, hearts and spirits of anyone (nurse, surgeon, anyone) who touches your sweet Kai. May God’s Love and healing flow endlessly into his sweet body and heal him completely. Amen and AMEN!

  6. Aki and Shawn, your spirit and attitude are incredible! I will continue my prayers for Kai. That little man is amazing to go through what he is going through. God Bless Kai and the Slockers. Tell Kai that his strength is inspiring to our family and his actions bring smiles to all of us.

  7. Thank you both for sharing your journey with us. I’ve said many prayers and cried many tears, but am so powerfully inspired by your faith in this. The hardest thing that any parent could ever fathom – you are walking through – but you are clinging to faith and powerfully witnessing what it means to live by faith in Jesus. Thank you for that gift and that example for us. Aki’s post last night – speaking life – was the most powerful witness I think I’ve ever seen. Thank you thank you and know that thousands of people are praying for you right now!!!

    I’m sure you considered this, but my mom had suggested St. Jude’s? They take cases that drs give up on and have at times had miraculous results. Any chance that’s an option??

    Bless you!

  8. Shawn, best wishes to your and your family. I am thinking of you all and praying the surgery is a complete success. The power of positive thinking can generate great things. If there is anything that any of us out here in your Altera Family can do for you, please just tell us.

  9. Kristin’s post conveyed my feelings perfectly. You both have been so generous in sharing your journey with those of us who sit helplessly from the sidelines. When I feel that all I’m able to do is pray, I’m reminded that that is all we’re asked to do. Aki’s post last night was amazing…a testimony of her deep faith. May you feel His grace and peace as the journey continues….

  10. Precious story about the granola bar. Will be praying through this surgery. You all are constantly on our minds…

  11. I love the story about the pilfered-away granola bar. What a tenacious, willful kiddo. And what a powerful way to be, Aki and Shawn. Much love your way.

  12. Best wishes for an uneventful and successful surgery this morning, so Kai can feel better and have many more moments of stubbornness! He’s an amazing fighter.
    Love to you and Aki.

  13. Kai – your strength and stubbornness are inspiring! Keep fighting! We’re thinking about you all the time and hope this surgery makes you feel better and lets you go home with your family! Sending love and hugs your way!

  14. Sending you all lots of good thoughts. Jacob and Luke keep telling me how much they hope Kai feels better and how much they want him to get to come home soon. We all do and are praying night and day for good things to happen.

  15. Slocker Family,
    I have been diligently following your beautiful words that you write each day about your oh so amazing son ever since Andrew told me the news. Every entry brings me to emotional tears but I have found renewed faith in your faith that our God is an amazing and merciful God. Kai is on my mind constantly and my family and I are praying hard for pain relief and miracles that only He is capable of providing.

  16. We love all of you as well! Stay strong little Kai…God has you wrapped in his loving embrace – and were we there, we would also! Aki and Shawn – you and your little monkey are amazingly strong – though I think Tiger might better describe your sweet Kai!

  17. Who knows where he could get that stubborness and will to fight. Oh, we do. Those amazing parents of his. Thinking of you always and wishing we were there. All our love.

  18. Kai will be in our prayers – thank you for always taking time to prices updates – go get ’em Kai!!!!

  19. I’ve never met Kai, but hearing stories of his spirit have made a huge impact on my heart and spirit. I am inspired to be more like him. Much love and prayer with all of you.

  20. Kai – I love you so much and wish I could be there with you and your mommy and daddy. I think about you every minute of the day and pray for you. Your an amazingly strong lil guy, you can get through anything.

  21. Love the granola bar story! Kai is one cool, tough little dude!

    Shawn and Aki, there’s certainly no handbook for how to go through what you’re experiencing with Kai right now. I am in awe of your strength, faith and love as you celebrate the little joys each day – like the granola bar moment, or Aki singing away during the MRI. Go with wherever works, right?!

    I wish you some good moments for today, and keep you all in my thoughts and prayers. Hugs / Bussi!

  22. Shawn and Aki and your beautiful family,

    I just want to share that my family and I send our best wishes and love your way. I have never met your children, only met Aki once a few years back, and not seen you in person in years, Shawn. But please know how hard we are rooting for Kai. I am amazed at your strength and wisdom as evidenced in these updates, and I only wish I could offer more than our love and support-from-a-distance. Hang in there.

  23. I went to mass this morning with the kids for a special service about being a father, specifically about Jesus’s father, Joseph. The priest talked about how he had humility and love.
    His humility came from not knowing what he was supposed to do, but carrying on. His love comes from just being a father. I don’t understand the first part, but know the second knows no bounds, and you and your family prove that over and over.
    We prayed for Kai and continue to keep you all in our prayers.

  24. Praying that today’s surgery went well and you and Kai can recover and rest at home soon. I pray for comfort for Kai and strength and guidance for you as parents. Peace be with you and your family. Stay strong and continue to believe that God will heal. Continued prayers.

  25. Shawn, Aki, Kai and Maya, …I continue to pray for all of you. I ask God to give strength and healing to little Kai. I hope this surgery was successful and that Kai can go home soon. May God bless you and give you peace and the miracle you all deserve. Much love from me and the entire Altera family.

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