Hi All,
Tonight in the ER, a CT scan showed that Kai has fluid on the brain which is creating the same kind of pressure and symptoms that the tumor did. 
In the next hour, he will be having surgery to drain that fluid and relieve that pressure. 
Please pray for a smooth surgery, for the doctor (Dr. Lee), for Kai to feel comfort and free from fear, and peace for Shawn and Aki.
I will update as soon as the surgery is over. 
Thank you,
Amanda Brown

6 Comments on Surgery Tonight – Please Pray

  1. Thank you Amanda and Angela for being there with them. And thank u so much Amanda for all the updates. Praying praying praying for our little boy to feel some comfort and rest after this. Love you so much Kai!!

  2. Our hearts go out to all of you more than we could ever put into words. Trusting Jesus to hold each one of you especially close and give you the strength you need to endure this trial. Believing and holding on to God’s unchanging hand for the miracle Kai needs. Regardless of how heavy our load, it is never too heavy for Jesus to pick us up and carry us through.

  3. It brakes my heart to think of what you and your gorgeous little man are going through. Praying for him and you both. Xxx

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