Admittedly, I think Shawn and I are at a loss for words today. In all honesty, this morning Shawn and I were on our knees wondering if we could even do this – how do you go to a party you never thought you’d have to host? But, then we thought about Kai – this is his party and we are given the opportunity to honor him and celebrate him, so we prayed for strength to be joyful and remember his life and smile and amazing spirit. And God answered. He created a celebration that we could never have imagined and we are just absolutely overwhelmed with how many of you came to celebrate with us from near and far and the incredible support of so many of you who helped make Kai’s party so wonderful. A friend commented to us that during the celebration she heard all of these joyful noises like at a kid’s party – she saw people smiling and heard the kiddos rustling the balloons or drawing on paper and that makes Shawn and I smile. We hope/imagine that Kai was doing something similar and enjoying running around with his Thomas or Elmo balloon and making grand circles on the big sheets of paper. Kai Kai, we love you and we celebrate you today. God, thank you for the amazing life you created in Kai to share with all of us, we are forever grateful and so thankful for that joy. Thank you again to all of you for helping us along on this journey.

Thank you Doug and Amanda for creating this beautiful video celebrating Kai’s life.

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  1. I wish I could have been there to celebrate Kai Kai’s amazing life. Love you and your family so much, praying for you to have strength, hope and know that Kai is a little angel up in heaven looking down at us. I know you will be reunited with him someday. I pray that you have piece of mind that he is no longer in pain and he is with our heavenly father up in heaven. Sending endless hugs your way.

  2. Today was a celebration of how loving God is…and the kids were having such a fun time coloring & eating Kai’s favorite snacks too!

  3. That was such a beautiful video. I am so sorry for your loss. I am glad that I got to see a glimpse into the joy he brought you. I will be praying for your family. I bet Kai is making Heaven even more fun.

  4. It was beautiful party and tribute Aki. I think I’m going to keep my thumb green for a while. Continued prayers for all of you.

  5. Wonderful video and you are all I’m my thoughts continuously. Your strength in this terrible situation is inspiring. Xxx

  6. So many great moments. I especially like the picture with Dad wearing sunglasses. Thanks for sharing. Love to you all.

  7. Thank you for posting this. Through the tears comes an uplifted spirit and such love and inspiration.

  8. I may or may not have eaten 4 of the Kai-special tacos. But I did it because it’s what Kai would have wanted!

    We love you guys, we will never forget Kai, and this was an awesome celebration. Your words, the video, the food, everything was perfect, and you’re right, I could have seen Kai running around like a ball of energy at this venue.

  9. I prayed all morning yesterday for you, Shawn and Aki…for God’s peace and strength to carry you through the grand celebration of Kai’s life. How pleased I am to read this posting and know that God answered prayers of so many for you at that “party”! I believe that the entire “kids party” idea was inspirational, and such a further testimony of your faith in God’s promises. And this video–well, it has truly blessed my heart and life to actually see Kai after praying for him and you for during this “season”. Thank you so much for posting it, and for sharing your hearts and minds truthfully and candidly over the past several weeks so that thousands could lift you up every step of this tragic journey. It has been our great privilege to pray, and a huge blessing to our hearts to listen as God has used you mightily as His Light in the Darkness. And, dear “un-met yet” friends, your Light has shined, and continues to shine BRIGHTLY! May God be with you in the days, months, years ahead and give you Peace and Joy, “… to overflowing…”! And may God bless your precious little Maya, and may she bring you only joy and happiness! I look forward to meeting you someday, perhaps when we visit our niece, Erin Brackney Kremkus and Mark, in Austin! Be prepared for one gigantic hug!

  10. Each and every day we think about you and pray for you to have strength to get through each moment, each memory and each day. We were so proud of you yesterday and looking around the room at all of your friends and family reminded my of how much you are loved because of who you are. At any time, if you find your strength fading or require any help at home, with Maya or just need a friend to hang with, please let us know. Let us be strong for you whenever you need it.

  11. The video was so heartwarming, and that closure with laughter… breathtaking. So very sweet. His deep brown eyes were so dreamy, and his smile was infectious. What a beautiful little boy. I am heartbroken for you, and will continue to pray for your family. Hold tight to His Word, and may He carry you in His palm in the days, weeks, months, and years ahead.

    From the bottom of my heart, I am deeply sorry.

  12. I heard of Kai’s illness and loss through Truly. I am so very sorry. Please know thoughts of strangers are with you.

  13. What a beautiful and perfect celebration of Kai! What a difficult and courageous journey to make! Truly a miracle was shared with so many, in his love, laughter, bright spirit and then strength, grace and inspiration shown by him and you, his beautiful family. We will continue to hold you in our hearts with love and prayers.

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