So Thankful

I first off want to thank Amanda and Caroline for being the communications team today ūüôā and posting updates for us. Thank you!

I came on here to write an update and the words are failing me and I can’t focus on the status facts,¬†all I can think to write is thank you and share our gratitude – we are so overwhelmed. God has provided us so much….it’s just amazing. Thank you God so much.

I will never be able to express how much we appreciate each one of you……your prayers, connecting us with cancer experts and sharing your networks, researching,¬†traveling to Austin,¬†sitting with us, encouraging us, asking more people to join in our fight, bringing a feast of food, and so many more things.¬†We could not have made it through today without you. Thank¬†you, thank you, thank you. These words can’t express it enough.

We are all in this together,and we have begun the fight.

As the doctor said “we met our goals for the surgery”. They took out what they wanted to and this has improved Kai’s vital signs tremendously – it is so great to hear. And even while under the light sedation he tried to pull out his breathing tube – so he showed he is strong.

He will have a MRI tomorrow morning to confirm what the surgery accomplished and help start formulating the treatmemt plan. Our main focus right now is for him to recover and wake up well from the surgery.

So now, we will try to rest Рa long road is ahead,  but for today we say thank you, thank you so very much.


Surgery Complete

Hi all,

I am thrilled to let you know that surgery went well today. The doctors were able to remove what they were aiming for. They have sent the tissue off for testing, and expect results in 3 business days. Kai is expected to stay in the hospital for the next week. 

Aki plans to write more tonight with further details. 

Thank y’all for all the prayers and support that you are pouring out over the Slockers.¬†

Amanda Brown

Surgery starting soon

Hi everyone,

Kai has just been taken back for surgery prep. Prep will take about 45 minutes. The length of surgery is unknown – likely 2-6 hours. The medical team will
update Aki and Shawn every hour. 

Please pray for Kai’s healing, for wisdom and careful hands for the doctor (Dr. George) and for Aki and Shawn as they wait – for rest, peace and comfort.¬†

I will ill update as frequently as I have news. 

Thank you,
Amanda Brown