This post won’t have many details because we need time to process, but we met with the oncologist this afternoon who gave us the results of the pathology test. I won’t write the name right now because truthfully I don’t know where the sheet of paper is and the truth is it doesn’t matter. He has a very rare type of cancer and the treatment currently available is more about prolonging life rather than surviving. We only have the diagnosis right now and a brief summary of the type of treatment he would have to endure (chemo + radiation + transplant + possibly more). The medical team here is awesome and we’re seeking out all kinds of opinions and research and see anything and everything that is out there but the truth is with this diagnosis we will also need to consider the option of no treatment and his quality of life with/without treatment. 

For now, the neuro-surgical team has given us the clearance that we can go home today. We’ve taken that option and will be getting Kai ready to go home. 

Please pray for God to heal Kai. Please pray for a miracle. Please pray that God will give Shawn and I the guidance on what the best next step for Kai is regarding treatment. Please pray for joy for Kai. 

Thank you so so much for your support. This fight isn’t over. This fight is for life. 

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  1. You are surrounded by prayer and love from so, very many who want the best possible for Kai – whatever that means. Your maturity and strength is evident in the words you so carefully chose for us today. I pray the comfort of your home will allow you some respite to more thoughtfully and prayerfully consider the options ahead. Much love to you all.

  2. Praying with you all! May the Lord guide and comfort you both as you make decisions no parent should ever have to make. Praying for many many more years of youthful joy for sweet Kai!

  3. Your loving family is in my prayers. I do not know how you have the words that are so perfectly spoken here. I know this, you have to know that God has a plan and that all that are praying for you will lead you in the right direction for Kai and your family. My heart aches for you. Know that you are strong and know that you are in God’s hands and He will never fail you. Continued prayers at this difficult time.

  4. All we can say right now is we are so sorry. You all are beautiful people and I don’t understand why this is happening – you are each in our prayers and constant thoughts – we love you

  5. We are praying for that miracle for sure!! Kai is a fighter and you two are the most incredible and loving parents. He is so blessed to have you! Know that we will be lifting you up throughout the days! God is the Great Healer. May you be covered in so much peace and love right now.

  6. Continued prayers for the miracle you deserve. May God comfort you and give you strength and healing for Kai. God will lead you to the right decisions, trust in Him. You are surrounded by so many people that love you and are praying for you all….keep fighting. The power of prayer is amazing.

  7. Let’s be positive and thankful for a diagnosis. We will of course support whatever you guys do. Please know we are here and willing to help in any way we can. We love you guys so much and cannot stop thinking about.

  8. I’m a friend of Caroline. I am fervently praying for a miracle for this precious one! May the world be astounded by what happens with Kai!

  9. Stay strong Aki and Shawn. We are here for you. Stay positive and keep fighting – and we will keep praying!

  10. Continuing to pray for Kai Kai. I pay that God heals him and gives Aki and Shawn the strength to keep thier faith. Sending hugs, and prayers your way. ❤️

  11. Fighting this diagnosis with prayer! Complete healing for Kai Lord! Remove every cancerous cell from his body!

  12. My heart is heavy as I read your post. Every day will be a miracle for you all. Enjoy the comfort of your home tonight and know that God is watching over all of you. And yes, Kai’s fight is far from over.

  13. I’m a friend of Jennifer Jefts. Our hearts and prayers are with you and your beautiful little boy. We will help in any way we can.

  14. Aki, I know you are strong and Kai and Maya are lucky to have you as their mom. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family all the time.

  15. We are thinking of you all with love and praying for little Kai and all of you…xoxo

  16. Praying for Kai everyday!!
    We ask that he heals Kai and takes away his illness, pain, or any fears associated with the cancer. We beg him to spare Kai from any suffering. We ask God to guide Aki and Shawn and let them feel your amazing power and grace and lift them up in this time.

  17. I’m so sorry. There are no words, only trust that the God who created Kai knows the number of hairs on his head and can do the impossible. Praying for the strength of The Lord to rest heavily on all of you, for his nearness to surround you in your deepest sorrow, for his peace and hope to fill your hearts as he guides you towards the next steps.

  18. Aki and Shawn, we are praying for Kai and for you every day. I pray for a miracle.

  19. Sometimes we just have to choose to believe the good report instead of the evil report. Believing God for his complete healing.

  20. Aki and Shawn, you have been in our every thought and prayer. We will continue praying for everything that you requested and help in any way you may need us to prevail in this fight.

    We love you guys and believe in your amazing strength. Kai is a warrior!

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