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Home, Sweet Home

It was chaotic getting out of the hospital and it was a quiet ride home, but it is SO good to be home. Kai is already doing better! He’s even smiled. 🙂 He has eaten a bit and really hasn’t stopped talking. He’s the only one thinking straight as far as I’m concerned. He had to tell us 532252caab28b9e263b132e6where to find his James train (and tell is that it is #5). He also had to tell us where to find his Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb book (thanks Rajiv!). Truly a remarkable kid.

I love this kid. His little bit of energy now is so encouraging. I love his mom. She has a ton of strength that she gets from God, friends, and family…her strength is something that I will forever draw from.


We’re mobile

Kai buddy had a somewhat restful night, even if it didn’t really start until midnight. The steroids he is on mess with his appetite and generally make him uncomfortable. Being in the neuro ward rather than the ICU is a big change. Nurses are only in every 4 hours rather than every 1-2 and it is substantially quieter.

This morning Kai has a lot more strength! He’s rolling around a bit on his own and is up to sitting more upright rather than laying down. The big deal for me was seeing him walk kai and his chair 3.12.14across the room to a wheelchair (which was baited with Starbucks pumpkin bread) with his PT! She pushed him around for a few minutes so that he could get the feeling of hallway air blowing through his hair. Aki missed it, but he’s already asked to go on a walk so we will hopefully make it to some sunshine today.