As Aki noted, the steroid medication wreaks havoc on poor Kai. He seems to pass most of the day by asking to have a bite of every possible food item in the house, but rarely has any desire to stick to that item. It also causes insomnia which makes for long nights. That being said, his grandmothers (Mia and Nana) appear to have just the right touch. Little Buddy took a nap on the couch with Mia this morning, actually took a nap in bed this afternoon, and now is taking a nap with Nana! And what does he always ask for after waking up? Milk or food, of course!

kai with nanamia helping kai sleep 03.16.14

10 Comments on Rest

  1. Such loving care from these grandmothers…
    Praying for Kai, his family and loved ones.

  2. Each baby step is priceless Aki. You and Shawn are amazing and Kai and Maya are so blessed to have such loving, thoughtful, diligent parents – and grandmas! I’m praying for wisdom and strength for you and Shawn and “the peace which passes all understanding.”

  3. Such sweet pictures! Glad to see the little man is getting some good rest. 🙂

  4. Love the pics of him with Mia & Nana. My SS class has been praying for this sweet boy and the Slockers family. May God bless all of you and continue to give you strength.

  5. Such heartwarming pictures of Kai resting with his grandmothers. So happy to hear he was able to get some much needed rest today! Hopefully the rest of you were able to do the same. Continuing to pray for your all day and night!

  6. As everyone has said, we continue to pray for you and think about you during many of our waking moments. You are obviously surrounded by wonderful family and friends. I hope each day that you and Kai get the needed rest and support you require.

  7. The look of love on Mia’s face is the most beautiful look I believe I have ever seen.

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