I find it completely remarkable and overwhelming how support, encouragement, and prayer we’ve experienced this past week…and that’s really only the support we know about through texts, phone calls, emails, and social media. Much of it is from people we have never met, but all of it is from people who care.

It hasn’t even been 24 hours since the proverbial bomb was dropped. I know Aki and I have both gone to dark places and it’s amazing that every time we get pulled out by everybody fighting for Kai or by Kai himself.

Kai is doing well right now. We still need to wait for 2nd opinions. We have heard stories of 2nd opinions being life changing. We have heard of connections elsewhere in the country that can provide 3rd and 4th opinions and may have expertise specifically with ATRT. I even heard that there will be a prayer for Kai by the Priests at Mass at Notre Dame on Sunday.

Thank you, all!

And of course one of my favorite pics of Kai, Maya, and Aki. 🙂kai and mom laughing 2013

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  1. Continued prayers from Memphis, TN. Our hearts are heavy but our spirits are full of HIS hope. Jimbo, Connie, and Shellie Thomas

  2. What a precious picture!!! Raising you all in prayer today and believing GOD to do what man cannot. There is nothing bigger than Him! He is the Great Physician, the Specialist of specialists, King of kings, and Lord of lords! How wonderful that He invites us to trust in Him and what He can do!! 🙂

  3. All of us in Tulsa are keeping you covered in prayer. We watch in amazement at your strength and faith as you face each new day. God does provide all we need. Watch for the “little” daily miracles and allow time to dwell in that joy. Know, too, that all of us are on this road with you, praying, crying, smiling and loving your little boy with the BIG caring heart! Love to you all.

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