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A little glimpse of Kai

I thought a little laughter would be good today. Parents of little boys or really parents of any toddlers/preschoolers can all understand the pre-dinner/bedtime wired/tired phase. This video shows pretty clearly what our evenings would like with Kai trying to figure out how to use all available furniture as his own jungle gym/adventure park. My favorite part is that while doing said shenanigans he says to himself “don’t fall down” – clearly showing me that yes, he heard what I said but, belly flopping onto the couch is a much better idea.

Thank you for Celebrating Kai!

Admittedly, I think Shawn and I are at a loss for words today. In all honesty, this morning Shawn and I were on our knees wondering if we could even do this – how do you go to a party you never thought you’d have to host? But, then we thought about Kai – this is his party and we are given the opportunity to honor him and celebrate him, so we prayed for strength to be joyful and remember his life and smile and amazing spirit. And God answered. He created a celebration that we could never have imagined and we are just absolutely overwhelmed with how many of you came to celebrate with us from near and far and the incredible support of so many of you who helped make Kai’s party so wonderful. A friend commented to us that during the celebration she heard all of these joyful noises like at a kid’s party – she saw people smiling and heard the kiddos rustling the balloons or drawing on paper and that makes Shawn and I smile. We hope/imagine that Kai was doing something similar and enjoying running around with his Thomas or Elmo balloon and making grand circles on the big sheets of paper. Kai Kai, we love you and we celebrate you today. God, thank you for the amazing life you created in Kai to share with all of us, we are forever grateful and so thankful for that joy. Thank you again to all of you for helping us along on this journey.

Thank you Doug and Amanda for creating this beautiful video celebrating Kai’s life.