I thought a little laughter would be good today. Parents of little boys or really parents of any toddlers/preschoolers can all understand the pre-dinner/bedtime wired/tired phase. This video shows pretty clearly what our evenings would like with Kai trying to figure out how to use all available furniture as his own jungle gym/adventure park. My favorite part is that while doing said shenanigans he says to himself “don’t fall down” – clearly showing me that yes, he heard what I said but, belly flopping onto the couch is a much better idea.

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  1. Love this! He did love to do acrobats on those couches… I got in trouble with Becky and sheerin for allowing him to have fun like that during my last trip… ; )

  2. So happy and thankful you have these precious memories! God bless your dear hearts and apply His healing comfort to you when you need it most. Still praying for you every day and trusting Him to see you through every stage of grief and sending lots of love your way.

  3. What a precious little voice counting away…sweet memories Aki. I’ll share this with Emily – 6 weeks to go and she has no idea what’s in store for her as the mother of a boy!

  4. I love getting to know Kai. Thank you for these glimpses. Sun’s out here today 🙂

  5. Love this video and his sweet giggle and laugh <3 Kai goes down in the history books as the most energetic kid I have EVER been around!!!!! Love all his energy!!! (Also, he always amazed me how he would jump off something with no one there to catch him - make our jaws drop - then just get back and do it again like it was no big deal) What a strong and fun kiddo!

  6. Owen is sitting here watching this with me and he’s insisted we watch it several times now. I think he’s getting some ideas from Kai! : ) Please keep sharing these glimpses.

  7. So precious! Katy Rae, wants to watch the video over and over she keeps counting and laughing with Kai.

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