We are still waiting on Kai’s MRI to happen. In the meantime Kai has been in and out of sleep while Aki sings and reads to him. His heart rate and blood pressure aren’t great, so we’re anxious to get the MRI going, although not happy that Little Buddy will need to lie through another one of these long tests. Praying for a Miracle!

Aki is amazing and is talking with Kai in such a positive attitude. This is remarkable given how low we were just a few hours ago. 

Throughout it all Kai is still sharp as a tack, remembering the smallest details of what is happening around him, even from points in time that we think he is out of it. When Aki talks about going to do things with him he keeps reminding us to include baby Maya. 

Thanks to Amanda for keeping up the Caring Bridge updates last night. Kai’s pediatrician, Dr. Prochnow, was kind enough to stop by this morning and let us know that he gets updates faster through Caring Bridge than through the hospital. 🙂

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  1. You both have such amazing strength. Kai is blessed to have such wonderful parents. Continued thoughts and prayers!

  2. As we are continually in prayer for you all, we GREATLY appreciate that you continually take time here and there to give us updates. They keep our hearts on their knees! And we are privileged to stand with your precious family on this tough journey. May God show you/us His great power through Kai’s illness, treatment, and healing.

  3. Thanks so much for keeping us updated, Shawn. We are praying for a miracle and for His strength, peace, comfort and joy to surround little Kai, you and Aki and baby Maya. We love you guys and will be praying that the MRI goes smoothly and the results contain promising information.

  4. Kai is in my prayers daily. I work there on Friday please let me know if there is anything I can do for Kai or you Shawn and Aki. Sending positive thoughts your way!!

  5. Believing for that miracle. Sometimes I feel like I have no right to keep reading your updates because I do not know anyone in the family, but I am reminded that we are all in the family of God and I keep reading, praying and believing for a miracle.

  6. In the name of Jesus, in His POWER, the power of his cross and resurrection, we pray against the spirit of sickness, unrest, pain, and negativity. We bind those spirits and ask Jesus to replace them with the Spirit of life, power, and healing. AMEN.

    He can!

  7. Shawn and Aki, Erin has shared your heartache with me and your family will remain in my thoughts and prayers each day as you journey through this. Please know that you are surrounded with love and the hope of a miracle.

  8. I’m praying for Kai to get better and for the parents to be strong through this time. Father in heaven please please we pray for a miracle.

  9. Dear heavenly father please comfort Kai. In the name of Jesus Christ bring him healing and peace. We ask that you heal Kai and bring him comfort and peace in his time of need. We ask that you give Aki and Shawn strength and guidance through all of this. In the name of Jesus Christ your son we ask that Kai be healed. We ask that you comfort him with your love. Amen

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