Kai was peaceful when he came back from surgery and was able to sleep for a few hours although was woken up frequently for checkups. 

Kai is struggling this morning, though. He is considerable pain, more so than we’ve seen him experience in the past. The staff is adjusting fluid drainage rates but his breathing is labored and O2 levels are low. Along with the lower heart rate he is displaying the same frightening symptoms as before. 

An MRI is supposed to happen so the doctors will get a good look at the inside of his head. 

Thanks for your thoughts, support, and prayers. 

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  1. Praying for the strength, grace, and peace of the Lord to surround you all right now.

  2. Shawn and Aki: I can’t imagine how hard this must be. I am amazed by your courage and strength. My heart breaks for the four of you and I pray God lets you know he is there with you and that his healing and comfort comes soon.

  3. Thanks for the update. Please let us know what you hear about the MRI. You guys are the best parents and so on top of everything to rush him there. We are here for anything that you need. All our love.

  4. Praying hard for you guys! Praying for Kai’s pain to subside. Sending all of our love.

  5. Praying for his pain to go away. You are both so strong through this fight. Know we are praying hourly for him and are here if you need anything at all.

  6. Jesus, show your power through your miraculous healing in Kai. We know You can. We plead for his healing and comfort. Free him from pain right now. Give him rest. Bring your peace that is beyond any of our understanding. We trust in You alone.

  7. Thanks for up dates. I’m so sorry Kia and the whole family is dealing with this. You all are on mind and prayers lifted up thru out the day.God Bless!!

  8. Your updates mean so much to us as we hold you all in our immediate thoughts and prayers.

  9. Lord please relieve Kai’s pain. Send your healing touch and belp his family as they struggle with fear and lift them up sweet Jesus.

  10. Today I have my 3 year old grandson helping me pray for Kai. We put our hands on his facebook picture and pray for him. When I told my baby we need to pray for this little boy because he is sick my baby asked why. We don’t know the answer to that but we do know the healer. God bless and strengthen you all.

  11. Patty and I join with all who are lifting Kai up to the Father praying for His intervention in the little guy’s body as he fights this battle. Our prayers are for you, Shawn and Aki, for strength, wisdom and courage from the faith you have in Christ.

  12. The Slockers family is in our hearts and on our minds. Sending Love, Prayers, Wisdom, and most of all Peace.

  13. Praying for your precious Kai and for both of you. God please anoint this child with your healing touch. Relieve his pain and give him your sweet rest. Bless the Drs. and nurses who minister to him with the wisdom of Solomon, enabling them to provide the best medical care possible. Allow Aki & Shawn to feel your comforting presence. May they find rest in the hollow of your hand.

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