Update #2

We are still waiting on Kai’s MRI to happen. In the meantime Kai has been in and out of sleep while Aki sings and reads to him. His heart rate and blood pressure aren’t great, so we’re anxious to get the MRI going, although not happy that Little Buddy will need to lie through another one of these long tests. Praying for a Miracle!

Aki is amazing and is talking with Kai in such a positive attitude. This is remarkable given how low we were just a few hours ago. 

Throughout it all Kai is still sharp as a tack, remembering the smallest details of what is happening around him, even from points in time that we think he is out of it. When Aki talks about going to do things with him he keeps reminding us to include baby Maya. 

Thanks to Amanda for keeping up the Caring Bridge updates last night. Kai’s pediatrician, Dr. Prochnow, was kind enough to stop by this morning and let us know that he gets updates faster through Caring Bridge than through the hospital. 🙂


Kai was peaceful when he came back from surgery and was able to sleep for a few hours although was woken up frequently for checkups. 

Kai is struggling this morning, though. He is considerable pain, more so than we’ve seen him experience in the past. The staff is adjusting fluid drainage rates but his breathing is labored and O2 levels are low. Along with the lower heart rate he is displaying the same frightening symptoms as before. 

An MRI is supposed to happen so the doctors will get a good look at the inside of his head. 

Thanks for your thoughts, support, and prayers. 

Surgery Complete

Thank you so much for praying. 5326aae94db921936624bdb6
Surgery is complete and all went well. Kai is sleepy from pain meds, but awake.
He will have another MRI tomorrow sometime. Will update when we know more.
Thank you,

Surgery Tonight – Please Pray

Hi All,
Tonight in the ER, a CT scan showed that Kai has fluid on the brain which is creating the same kind of pressure and symptoms that the tumor did. 
In the next hour, he will be having surgery to drain that fluid and relieve that pressure. 
Please pray for a smooth surgery, for the doctor (Dr. Lee), for Kai to feel comfort and free from fear, and peace for Shawn and Aki.
I will update as soon as the surgery is over. 
Thank you,
Amanda Brown